Bansko holidays are always in high demand

Bansko Holidays

The last thing we want to do here is bringing any disappointment to anybody, but if you are the guy looking for Bansko holidays options – sorry, the place is all fully packed up. Well, almost fully packed up. Talking of those red days in the calendar, few are the places in Bulgaria worthy of being a competition to the Number One ski resort in the country in terms of popularity and demand among local people. The winter celebrations kick off with a bang on the Students Day – Bansko is an all-time favourite of college kids for decades now, long before the alpine skiing and snowboarding elite started coming to that small town in the footsteps of the Pirin mountain.

But anyway, the date for the party of those studying in the university is 8th December and obviously it too late, and if you come from abroad, it’s not the Bansko holidays goal you are looking for. “Merry Christmas” ring the bell or maybe it’s “A Happy New Year” the reason to search a vacant to book. Well, there is not much time left to think but still, some deals occur to be available at And not the dead end inns but some of the best hotels in the ski resort wait for guests to make a reservation.

So the Kempinski Hotel Grand arguably represents the most luxurious choice among Bansko holidays opportunities. We will let you down if you figure out to celebrate the coming of 2018 there – uh-uh, the house is full. But for Christmas you might enjoy a 5-star experience there, just steps away from the Gondola lift base station. A deluxe twin room for a week starting from 23rd December cost about 2000 GBP.

Bansko Holidays

The holidays are expensive… or are they?

Pricey yet classy, it’s far from being everyone’s choice. The super offer for the holidays in Bansko is on the table with the option to book a double room for 7 days inside the 3-stars hotel Mura for less than 800 GBP including the flight. A real Christmas gift available on New Year’s Eve but starting from 30th December the proposition goes up and still below 500 GBP per person.

Among Bansko holidays options available for both already mentioned periods is the 4 stars Strazhite. Under 900 GBP price for a couple is available for the Christmas week and the fee to be paid for a New Years celebration in that inn costs just above 500 GBP per person. The St. Ivan Rilski hotel which still offers vacant rooms for both holidays – have in mind that the expenses for this site would be higher than for Strazhite.

Half a dozen inns continue to be on the list of available choices for the week starting from 30th December but don’t wait any longer if you wish to enjoy the Bansko holidays festivities. Just look at the reviews on Balkan Holidays and you will find out that the value for the price offered and the overall satisfaction among those who have already been there for vacation prevails. Just choose the right place.

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