Bansko is back on the top of the list

bansko ski holidays

For seven years in a row, Bansko ski holidays led the ranks of the cheapest winter destinations in Europe.

Last season though, the most prominent Bulgarian snow resort in the past decade dropped a little down the table, but it wasn’t for long. The recent research issued by Post Office Travel showed that skiing in Bansko is the most affordable choice for a high-quality vacation in the coldest months during the coldest months of the year.


The survey includes not every possible destination in Europe anyway but is focused on 31 of the most popular budget picks for a winter break. The exceptional cost of the accommodation in Bansko is not a secret anymore for anybody who loves the snow ride. But if you ski Bansko slopes, the overall expense should be significantly lower compared to any other place on the continent that is present on the list. One week with the hotel room price included as well as the lift pass and the other components necessary for the winter vacation is worth a little more than 400 per person on average.


Is it possible to book a low-cost snowy holiday that low?

bansko winter holidays 2018It turns out – it is. Well, that figure should be probably more applicable to the pre-booking statistics rather than for those last minute January deals. Anyway, Bansko ski holidays cost 10 percent less than the expenditure needed the previous season at the former top-ranked budget resort – the Slovenian pride Kranjska Gora. Skiing at the most famous cheap Italian resort – Bardonecchia, occurs to be more expensive than skiing in Bansko. And if you compare the cost at the household names among the Austrian or Swiss destinations – well, then probably one week in the heart of the Alps will cost a fortnight on the slopes of Pirin Mountain!

Just because it’s cheap, doesn’t mean Bansko ski holidays stand low on the quality charts. The Bulgarian resort developed substantially for the last 15 years to catch up with the top standards around the continent. Thus it is no surprise that the Alpine World Cup will ski Bansko most remarkable run – the Alberto Tomba piste, during the upcoming season. The last weekend of February 2018 will see the leading male stars of the FIS ranking to ride down the Pirin hill. Right on exactly the same location, Bulgaria will host the World Championship for juniors. Two events on such a high level serve as a guarantee that skiing in Bansko provides the top level experience.


Since it’s so affordable, it must be busy

traveling to bulgaria, bansko 2018Sure, it is, especially during the winter holidays and every weekend in January and February. If you take a sneak-peak on Bansko webcams in November, for example, there still will be few people to slalom the trails. The snow is usually not enough to start as soon as October as it happens on an altitude above 3000 m in the Alps. In that sense, Bansko ski holidays season turns out to be shorter than the season in Austria or Switzerland. But in a typical winter, the campaign lasts for good 14-16 weeks which is the average longevity for most of the European destinations.

So, booking in advance will reward you with lower prices and with the chance for skiing in Bansko at the best time of the winter. You might be hesitant whether this is the destination to choose for the snowy vacation. Follow up the Bansko webcams and weather report to see if the winter is favorable for a truly enjoying experience. And in the meantime, try to find a cheaper destination – it is a major doubt that any will come out!

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