The best things to see and do in Nessebar, Bulgaria

Nessebar 2018 holidays

In a nutshell – relaxing, swimming, sightseeing, tasting the cuisine. These actions will probably form the agenda for anyone who has booked some of the hotels in Nessebar, Bulgaria. The small town located just half-hour away from Bourgas, the main city in the southern part country’s coastline, represents one of the best combos of „the history meets the modern seaside resort“ all around the Black Sea shores.


Nessebar Old Town brought fame to the land


There must be a reason to be included among the UNESCO World Heritage sites. Seeing and walking around Nessebar Old Town will make you realize why this tiny area linked to the mainland by a narrow strip has been recognized as significant to the whole humanity. Traces and signs of history dating back to 1000 BC are still there among the numerous old churches, the remains of the Medieval fortress, the beautiful houses of unique architectural style built in the 19th century.


The hotels in Nessebar, Bulgaria – it has to be specified – are largely situated out of the Nessebar Old Town. The most affordable deals are to be seen in the list of Balkan Holidays where everyone has something suitable to his/her/their preferences. The Nessebar beach is located in the modern part of the town too. There are two strips of nice sand available for relaxation under the sun. The water is great for swimming and is suitable for all swimmers – from the beginners (watch out!) to the pro-sharks.


In Bulgaria, Nessebar has some of the greatest restaurants and taverns where you can taste the local cuisine or choose something more familiar to your part of the world. There are places to eat and drink in Nessebar Old Town section like the one named Beluga and many places with the same purpose around the Nessebar beach like Chevermeto. Speaking of nightlife in Bulgaria, Nessebar has some clubs but the real hype happens in the nearby Sunny Beach. So book a room in some of the hotels in Nessebar, Bulgaria where you can relax in peace and have fun at the neighboring resort.


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