Pamporovo – TOP place for snowboarding in Bulgaria

Gaining in popularity year after year, Pamporovo is the place for snowboarding in Bulgaria. The landscape and the steepness of the slopes combined with favourable weather conditions contribute to the overall satisfaction of those who practice this sport. An entirely new place is about to bring even more boarders for the already started season. A zone called Fun Park opens up for the snowy months of the 2018-19 campaign and it promises to be the ultimate site for snowboarding in Pamporovo. The bombers and the park rats would fall for it. Or jump for it – watch out for the slang because the boarders really might mean something else.

And they love the Rhodope Mountain anyway. The resort has been an arena for dozens of competitions in the last two decades attracting not only local but also international participants. The Freestyle Open stands as a staple in the schedule, the World Snowboard Tour also stops by for a ride in recent years. The local hero of snowboarding in Pamporovo and even more in the nearby Chepelare – his hometown, is the World Cup holder in parallel slalom Radoslav Yankov. The slopes present challenges even for rippers and the terrain allow to build tracks varying in difficulty without taking off from the show for the audience.

The park rats love it, the rookies fall for it too

Snowboarding in Pamporovo

The ski bums will bring their own quiver and a brain bucket but what about those who never been on board and will to learn the tricks? 14 licensed ski and snowboard schools operate in the area of Pamporovo and Mechi Chal and are open to enrol newbies and amateurs for a lesson or for a whole course. Individual training contributes faster to the skill development but comes with the price. A single hour for a single person costs 50 BGN (25 Euro) on average, for four hours the fee amounts to 156 BGN (80 Euro). Actually, a duo or a trio falls to the list of the individual lessons bills of snowboarding in Pamporovo.

Group training is available for at least a four-piece band. The personal attention to your performance decreases but so do the prices. Four hours of shared learning cost 45 Euro on average based on the data collected from the numbers posted by different schools and clubs in the Rhodope mountain resort. The 6-day pack will provide more to develop your abilities in snowboarding and will withdraw less than 200 Euro from your budget. Besides that, a pupil of the school has to pay for the hire of a board and a pair of shoes. The prices of a panel to ride on vary from below 10 Euro per day to 65 Euro for a week minus 24 hours pack.

Putting the accommodation options – some of the best are to be found over here, with the pack of hours to learn snowboarding in Pamporovo might sum up for an affordable combination which is hard to be achieved anywhere in Europe.

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