Share kisses and wine with Bansko holidays

Pamporovo Valentine's day




Probably it wouldn’t stop anytime soon. The argument between two saints is what we mean talking of Bulgarian customs. Saint Valentine and Saint Tryphon fight which one of them will be celebrated on February 14th. The latter is the more traditional choice within the country and is linked with the festivities dedicated to wine and despite being officially moved in the Orthodox calendar to February 1st past decades ago, it’s still often praised 13 days later. This will be the main agenda of the celebration for many who have chosen Bansko holidays in the middle of the second month of the year.


St. Valentine’s Day was imported less than 30 years back in time coming in with the increasing western influence after the fall of the Communist regime. But it wouldn’t be an overstatement to say that the young people prefer that option. Yes, the cliché frames the St. Tryphon for the midlife people and for the elders and the romantic choice for the younger generation. But in Bulgaria, many are those who celebrate both occasions and share the kisses of the beloved one with a glass or two of nice wine. And thousands of people are in Bansko to combine the gifts of love and the gifts from the grapes.


Sounds like a great opportunity to choose the leading Bulgarian winter resort for these reasons. The greatest options are to be found here but it’s obvious that this year it’s too late to book. Put it in the notebook for the 2019 winter holidays and you will hardly regret it. But have in mind that February 14th is among the busiest days in Bansko and the reservations start to flow long before the New Year’s Eve. Bulgarians love wine but they also get drunk with love so no wonder that the day when two saints argue is so popular in the country.


A favorite destination for local and foreign guests


The town located in the footsteps of Pirin mountain happens to be a long-time favorite when the search for the place to spend holidays starts. Bansko Valentine’s Day preference is among the top combinations of the list and is being beaten for sure only by… Bansko on New Year’s Eve or Bansko on the Students’ Day (8th December). The common thing regarding all mentioned celebrations is the usual 2-days package offered by the most of the hotels.


But is it enough, especially when coming from distant countries like UK or Russia? These are the nations with a bigger number of tourists arriving at Bansko for holiday during the winter and they prefer to stay longer. While for the Russians Valentines is a newly planted – the same as in Bulgaria, British people celebrate the day of love on 14th February and combining it with a week-long skiing holidays looks like a great opportunity. Bansko represents one of the most affordable options for a destination of that type but being cheap doesn’t mean it lacks the class. So love is in the air of the best Bulgarian snow resort, but don’t forget that there is also a glass of wine on the table.




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