Unique Vacation Ideas That Will Lower Your Travel Costs

sunny beach bulgaria 2018

Everyone loves the summer but few are those who really enjoy the paying part. Well, there some people who love to splash the cash and to show off but if you are not among these some tips on how to lower your travel costs will work out well for you. For the summer break, most of the people prefer to take a rest on the seaside and Sunny Beach holidays top the list of destinations based on the value for money with resorts like the Montenegrin Budva or Portuguese Algarve represent a strong competition in terms of value for money. Anyway,


Sunny Beach, Bulgaria definitely stands out


The Black Sea pearl has been proclaimed as the best-valued resort on a global level by the survey conducted by Post Office in 2017. It hasn’t changed much for Sunny Beach 2018. The main reason for the leadership of the Bulgarian resort is the cheap accommodation available for all categories. You will hardly find a room for less than 200 GBP per person for a week in a place that is recognized internationally. Even in Bulgaria, Sunny Beach is more affordable than other destinations like Golden Sands or Albena which cost much less than the famous western or Greek resorts.


Book the self-catering type


Looking once again to the Sunny Beach holidays, you will notice that the cheapest deals in the list represent the “No food included” type of reservation. It doesn’t mean that you have to go on a hunger strike during the summer vacation or starve to afford the travel. You might not like the hotel meals and that’s all right. In Bulgaria, Sunny Beach is probably the best-supplied resort on the sea so you will have a plenty of choices to eat. The most budget-oriented version is to buy snacks from the store and to cook yourself in the suit but you might not prefer to spend the vacation in the kitchen. The fast food of almost every type and region of the world can be found in Sunny Beach, Bulgaria. It’s OK to buy burgers or pancakes from the street shops, don’t worry.


Even the restaurants will not cost you much – approximately 12-15 GBP for a three-course meal. And you can add a pint or two of the local beer – in the time of Sunny Beach holidays, you might be pleasantly surprised finding out it has a price of 1-1,5 Pounds even in the pubs.


Camping is great, cheap and… wet?


For those who preferred to stay in a tent beside the sea rather than booking a room in Sunny Beach, 2018 has not been so favorable. The summer in Bulgaria and other parts of Southern Europe has been rainy while in the northern parts of the continent the weather was unusually hot. So picking a camping venue is a great way to spend a smaller amount of money especially if you sleep in a tent and don’t pay anything for this. But it wouldn’t save from the storm which might ruin your vacation. It might not be the hottest summer in the Balkans, anyway in terms of the weather Sunny Beach still has plenty of sunny days as the name of the resort implies.


Get on a boat and travel to the edge of the world


Well, it might not be the most budget-friendly experience if you get on a cruise ship to sail around the most famous harbors on the planet. If you have your own boat you will not probably look for cheap offers. Getting on a fish boat, on the other hand, will not cost you a dime – you might earn some money but this will not be really a vacation. Maybe you can use a raft… You know, forget about this, Sunny Beach 2018 idea is definitely a safer and a cheaper bet.


It’s not necessary to fly with a cabin bag only


Traveling with a backpack only is perceived as the cheapest way to travel on the plane. But with the 20 kg hold luggage included in the price of the Balkan Holidays for the Sunny Beach holidays, you don’t have to pack light to fit within the budget frame. Actually, the flights to some of the Greek islands also go with the big suit included in the price but the accommodation costs more than in Bulgaria, Sunny Beach.

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